06 Nov 2014

NBN Update 2014/11/06


29 Jul 2014

Regular Checks On Systems

Clients are reminded to regularly test their systems. We have had a few instances recently where a litlle maintenance would have highlighted and prevented faults.

14 Jun 2014

NBN Update 14/06/2014

The following link shows the NBN providers whose equipment is compatible for the various NESS alarm systems. We have no information on other brands of alarms, however you may find the compatible systems would be similar. Please remember to advise your NBN provider that you have an alarm with a dialler built in when ordering your NBN service. http://nesscorporation.com/nbn-info

18 Apr 2014

NBN UPDATE 18/04/2014

The NBN service is being rolled out and it will start to impact on Hills DIstrict Alarms clients. HDA clients with alarms connected into their existing telephone land lines need to ensure they advise their NBN provider that they have an alarm system and the they need an NBN unit with a UNI-V port and a Back Up Battery.

Please test your dialler function before the NBN installation technician leaves site.

The following link is an update from NESS Security regarding their products. It is directed at alarm technicians but has some useful customer inforamtion in it.


16 Jul 2013

Suzette Po-WIlliams

Hills District Alarms would like to congratulate Suzette Po-Williams of Central Monitoring Services on her recent award at the Security Industry Awards 2013. Suzette works tirelessly to help businesses like ours  and our clients to ensure the seamless operation of our clients security systems. Well done Suzette! 

16 Jul 2013

Mr Neville Kiely

Hills District Alarms has been proud to do business with Central Monitoring Services for many years. Central Monitoring Services owner MR Neville Kiely was recently recognised for his tremendous work in the industry and we congratulate Neville for his award. 
The following is an article from the Security Insider Publication:

At the recent industry awards for excellence, Neville Kiely was recognised for his contribution to the Association as an active, passionate and tireless supporter of the Association.
Neville served as an ASIAL Board Director and chaired the Association's alarm/electronics sub-commitee for more years than he would probably care to remember. Under his leadership the sub-comittee achieved many gaols and helped raise the level of professionalism within the electronics sector. 
Neville has been a pioneer in the bureau alarm monitoring business which offered small alarm installation businesses and manpower companies the opportunity to expand their service level offering, effectively spawning a new market segment and expanding the growth of monitored alarms systems across the country. 
Neville was presented with a Certification of Appreciation for the contribution to the association.

11 Jul 2013


When was the last time you checked your smoke alarm? Did you change those batteries? Its the perfect time of the year to have a look at your alarms and ensure that they will be fully charged and ready to go in the hot summer season!   

11 Jul 2013


Here is the latest news on the impending NBN rollout and how it may effect your security system 

The NBN Co have to fit a UNI-V 6 port box and have to enable the analogue ports.
 At the end of the day the end user has to ensure that their provider maintains the existing service.

15 May 2013

NBN Network and your Security System

Many of our clients are well aware of the problems caused by ADSL Internet service caused with regard their alarms, especially those that are monitored back to base.

NESS have been busy testing their products on the NBN and have found that their dialler alarm panels will work on the network when connected correctly. Please click on this link for further details


25 Apr 2013

NESS Online Catalouge

NESS have launced a full online catalogue of their products. If there is any product in the catalogue that you wouyld like pricing on please conact Hills District Alarms on 02 45727207. Just click on the following link: