Ness D8x and D16x Deluxe Dialler Security Alarm Panel

The famous Ness D8x and D16x control panels just got even better. Version 6 builds on the tried and proven reliability, power and versatility of the X-Series panels and adds even more value and high-end features.

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New in version 8

• New PCB layout

• Now with 8 AUX outputs (1-4 on relay board or 1-8 on output  expander/s)

• New modem chip, use any modem in 300baud mode

• Voice alarms and voice prompts using a preset voice message library

Real time clock onboard

• New connectors for the Serial port and Listen-in header

• Tamper/Prog link moved to corner of pcb for better accessibility

• Many new program options to cater for expanded AUX outputs


 Featur es

• Supports up to 3 keypads (Navigator, Saturn or LCD)

• 56 user codes can be programmed to operate by keypad PIN, radio

key or access card.

• Optional Ness Radio Interface for fully integrated wireless security.

• 3 Door Access Controller onboard with support for Weigand prox or

fingerprint readers.

• Programmable Two Area partitioning can split the panel into two

independent areas plus a common area.

• Real Time Clock with AutoTime features - auto arm/disarm, auto aux

outputs, time based user control.

• Home Mode allows partial arming, (eg, perimeter security overnight).

• Day Mode feature for daytime security of fire doors, coolrooms etc.

• Temporary Day Zones allows easy enabling/disabling of Day Mode.

• Keypad Panic & Duress feature.

• Fire Alarm feature with different siren tones.

• Highly flexible zone to output mapping.

 Onboard Vibration Sensor Analyser with programmable sensitivity.

Use with Nessensor™ vibration sensors.

• Multiple programmable EOL resistor values from 0k to 22k (2k2 resistors


• Siren chirp and strobe flash on arming with radio key.

• Quiet chirps option on arm/disarm by radio key.

• True Dynamic Battery Test actively tests the battery under load every

hour and every time a keypad code is entered.

• 8 programmable auxiliary outputs.

• Enhanced serial data input/output via RS232.

• Automatic reset fuses.

• 30 event memory can be reviewed by LCD keypad or 80 event memory

when using the Ness Navigator keypad or NessComms software.

• Standard defaults to suit most applications.

• Easy programming by keypad or NessComms™ software.

• All programming data is permanently stored in a non-volatile memory.

• All inputs and outputs are heavily protected against lightning and high

voltage supply transients.

• High efficiency DC power supply.


• Supports mobile control using Ness iComms/aComms iPhone/iPad

and Android apps and optional ethernet adapter.


• Ness MiniCentral option provides support for up to 255 individual

C-Bus lights or outputs. Includes full dimming, On/Off and toggle

commands with true 2 way communications on the C-Bus network.


• Full remote upload/download by PC and modem using Ness


Comms™ software.

• View system status and arm/disarm using NessComms™.

• Remote control of outputs via telephone with voice prompts.

• Contact ID central station monitoring format.

• Audible Voice format feature.

• Unique “Follow me” phone number for voice monitoring.

• Phone line monitoring (activates output).

• Dialler ‘Listen in’ option for installers.


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