Most EDM panels, if they develop a fault will blink a fault light or Image. If you find your fault light flashing, press and hold your button No.4 on your code pad. You should hear "Beep Beep" and another light/s will illuminate to indicate the specific fault.

The following fault lights are possible

1 Low battery

Your backup battery needs replacing, call for service.

2 Date and time

Your panel has an internal clock, occasionally it gets wiped out.

To reset -

  1. Enter your master code
  2. Press button 6
  3. Press away
  4. Enter the day month and year e.g. 29-04-2006
  5. Press away

The fault light should extinguish

3 Sensor watch

There is an option which enables the system to make sure each sensor is triggered over a particular time period .If this option is enabled (rarely used), you can clear this fault by activating all of the zones on your system. The system does not need to be turned on, or be in away mode.

4 Horn speaker disconnect

This is used to monitor your external siren. If the cable to your siren or the siren itself goes faulty, it will trigger this fault. Call for service.

5 E2 fault

This fault occurs due to an internal clock fault (in basic terms), Call for service.

6 Communication fault

This fault occurs when your alarm system attempts to dial either a monitoring base or a local phone number without success. If you have had alterations to your phone system or you are experiencing problems with your phone lines, you may need to have your telephone service provider check the phone lines first.

If you alarm is programmed to dial either mobile or landline, it is possible the receiving number didn't answer. This would also activate the fault light. You would need to re-trigger your alarm and ensure the receiving number answers the call to clear this fault. If necessary call for service.