Panel beeping every hour

Backup battery fault. Call for service to system.

Battery light flashing

Backup battery fault. Call for service to system.

Mains light flashing

No mains supply to alarm. Check transformer is plugged in, check power point is
working, call for a service to system.

Line light flashing (Back to base or domestic dialing)

Alarm has attempted to dial and has not been successful.

Possible causes:
-You or one of your neighbours has A.D.S.L internet service and this may be interferring with the data from your alarm to your monitoring base or to your mobile. You may need to have a central filter fitted.
-There may have been alterations to phones on site since alarm last dialed, if so,have phone service company rectify eg Telstra, Optus etc.
Phone line connected to alarm is faulty.Call phone service company
-If domestic dialing, alarm tried to communicate and receiving number did not
answer. Re-trigger alarm and allow alarm to dial number programmed answer and
acknowledge call. Disarm alarm.

Tamper light on or flashing

External siren tamper or internal panel tamper is faulty.

Possible causes:
-External siren tamper is rusted. Call for service.
Cable to external siren is damaged. Call for service.
Panel tamper not making contact or is faulty.

-Make sure cabinet door is fully closed. Call for service.