Going away? Test your alarm. Make sure there isn't anything blocking any of the sensors, turn your alarm on an activate the sirens(tell your neighbours first, you want to keep them on side!)If your sytem is Back To Base Monitored, Call the base first to let them know you are testing.Make sure all your sensors are working, all the sirens are sounding. If you have any concerns call for service.Get to know all of your neighbours, and agree to have them watch over home whilst your away.

While on holiday have someone pick up your mail, newspapers and junk mail, or have delivery cancelled altogether.

Keep a radio on and use automated light timers to make it appear that someone is around when your premises are unoccupied. Set the timers to variable times if possible.

Lock or secure all accessible windows and sliding doors with secondary blocking devices.

Make sure all outside doors to your home have both key knobsets and deadbolts.

Keep curtains closed especially if there is expensive equipment in a room.

Mark all electronic equipment with a permanent etching of your name and driver's license. This helps to identify equipment and makes it harder for the thief to sell.

Report any suspicious vehicles or persons to the police.
Never leave ladders outside of your home or anything that can be used to climb on(e.g the council OTTO bin), this provides an intruder with easy access.

Make an inventory and take photos of your valuables, keep this somewhere safe away from your home (eg Safety Deposit Box).

Never leave a spare key hidden outside (burglars know all the best places). Leave a key with a trusted neighbour or family member, and give your neighbour their contact details.

Most home burglaries occur between 8:00am and 5:00pm, so get in the habit of always turning your alarm on and locking all doors and windows whenever you go out.

Light up your home with well-placed, effective lighting. Make it easy to spot unwelcome visitors with well-trimmed hedges, foliage, and trees to minimize dark corners and handy hiding spots.

If your alarm goes back to base, let the base know if your going away, and let them know who can be contacted in your absence.

  • Don't leave a message on your answering machine saying you've gone away, and turn the volume down on your home phone. Better still, divert your home phone number to your mobile.
  • Switch off all unneeded power (e.g. TV, stereo, oven) 
  • Make sure that there are no leaking taps 
  • Stop deliveries such as milk and paper 
  • Let your neighbour know that you'll be away (and who may be visiting the house while you're gone) 
  • Get a neighbour to park in your driveway once in a while 
  • Get a friend to stay or drop in on your house regularly 
  • Leave an emergency contact number for yourself with friends or neighbours 
  • Arrange lawn and garden maintenance from someone you trust.