Hills District Alarms is an Authorised Valet and  iCentral Dealer and we utilise the Valet /  iCentral Ducted Vacuum Systems. Valet/ iCentral have a range of Ducted Vacuum Systems to suit your needs and your budget. We also stock spares from their extensive range to suit the majority of Ducted Vacuums on the market today Including VALET, Cyclo Vac, and Cyclic. Click on the On Line Store tab for more products or contact our office.

Why use a ducted vacuum system?

Ease of use, no heavy lifting

Conveniently located inlet valves mean you no longer have to drag a portable cleaner from room to room. All you need to do is insert the flexible hose and it automatically starts.

Clean, dust-free environment

Is the most effective way of removing all dust, grit, dirty and allergy causing particles from your living areas. Is great for people with asthma as there are less irritants in the air.

The power to clean deeper

Enables faster, more efficient removal of dust as well as deeply lodged dirt.


The annoying noise associated with a conventional vacuum cleaner is gone.

Why is a Valet Central Ducted Vacuum System so good?

A Valet Central Ducted Vacuum System is designed to remove all dirt, dust and air polluting pollen from inside your home. It is also designed to operate almost silently with just the rush of air flowing through your vacuum wand to let you know its working. You just plug in your lightweight Valet vacuum hose to a wall inlet and it switches on automatically.

The Valet Central Ducted motor unit is generally located outside your living area in the garage, cellar or carport.

The most important factor in separating fact from fiction when deciding on why you should purchase a Valet Central Ducted Vacuum System, you need to understand the alternative. A traditional pull along or upright vacuum cleaner, no matter how effective as a vacuum cleaner, does two things very differently to a central vacuum system.

The first, is that portable vacuums recycle the air sucked up, and back into the room they operate in, and regardless of filtration, small dust and pollen particles stay in the room. The second fact is that the recycled exhaust of portable vacuums, blow and disturb other dust and dirt around the room, creating new air borne particles as they go.

Your new Valet central vacuum system silently removes ALL sucked air, outside your living areas with all dirty air removed outside of your living areas.

If any family members suffer from dust mite or pollen allergy Asthma, then the Valet Central Ducted Vacuum Cleaning System of totally removing the dirty air outside of your living areas will give you the safest way to clean your home.

There’s no doubting that the power of any Valet motor unit, their dirt capacity and the design of your Valet ducted pipe work all combine to give you a cleaning solution that matches your needs and exceeds your expectations. A Valet central ducted vacuum system home is always a cleaner home.

Designing your Valet Central Ducted Vacuum System for new or existing homes

The Valet ducted vacuuming system has pipe running behind or inside your house walls back to a central position where the main unit is located. If your building a new home then a quick look at your plans helps determine where the pipe work runs to and from. A Valet ducted system usually operates with a lightweight 9 metre long hose. The 9 metre hose length determines where the inlets can be located; effectively a 9 metre hose can clean a 28 meter circle.

By looking at your plan, you may need 2, 3 or 4 inlets downstairs and 1 or 2 inlets upstairs, plus you might decide on a utility inlet in the garage for cleaning vehicles. There are many inlet design finishes to suit your décor.

Oh and don’t forget your new kitchen, the amazing Valet VacPan (right) gives you an under bench floor inlet to sweep away the most regular messy areas

If you have an existing home or are renovating, the installation principles are the same but some compromise may be necessary to determine the best position for the system to operate from and a custom length vacuum hose can overcome numerous issues.

An existing home can usually have pipe work run under and through floorboards, above ceilings, up and down wall cavities and inside fitted wardrobes to find a suitable vacuuming inlet location. Please talk to your local authorised Valet dealer who is an expert in houses just like yours, they install ducted systems to existing homes every day.

Which Unit do I need?

Valet has a Ducted Vacuum Model for all size of homes or business. There are many ways to measure the power, suction and system performance of a vacuum motor.

A simple example is to imaging a straight pipe 100 meters long, connect a vacuum motor to that length of pipe and only the best powered units will give you suction over that distance. As you shorten that length of pipe, lesser powered models will begin to give suction. When you get down to 25 meters of pipe length, all ducted motors will give you suction.

So the first principle is to determine the length of pipe used in the architecture of your pipe system, the best measure is to check the distance between your ducted motor location and the furthest inlet, remember pipe goes up and down as well as around bends all these factors determine the final length of pipe used.

From there, you can then determine the amount and type of floor surface you required to be vacuumed. A high percentage of carpet requires more power and different floor tools than say a high percentage of hard floor surfaces such as wood or tiles.

Valet offers you a quick guide to calculate which unit you may need.