I am getting a lot of 1300 numbers on my phone bill. Is it the alarm?

Your alarm system dials your monitoring base on a 1345....number, it is sometimes listed on your phone account as Security. As you are a domestic premises it should be programmed to dial a test signal once a week. Some homes and buisness premises are programmed to send a daily test. Your system also sends any alarm signals etc that are generated aswell.

If your system is sending multiple signals it is likely to be due to ADSL interference. The data noise generated by ADSL Broadband interupts/ interferes with the Data your alarm is trying to send to your monitoring base. In some cases the alarm just keeps trying to send the message, hence the muliple calls charges on your telephone account. Generally adding an ADSL filter will solve this problem. Some of our customers have still had problems with a filter fitted and unfortunately the Government body that approved ADSL is not very helpful in resolving the problems. We are working on it, but they have since introduced ADSL+2 , so the problems could get worse.

I have a Ness Pro L panel and the memory light is flashing. How do I clear that?

The memory light is there to let you know you have had an event occur with your security system , other then just you turning it on and off. If you know why the light is flashing, to clear it you press "memory" enter, then enter again. it is similar for other model NESS panels as well.

My NESS Remote Control Fob Has Stopped Working, Its not The Battery?

If its a NESS RK4, 4 button fob you can't change the battery, the battery is designed to last for more then 5 years, if its a NESS RK3 and you have changed the battery and checked the battery clip is right and your remotes are still not working its possible you are getting wireless interference from some other device, like wireless baby monitors or wireless door bells etc. Its also possible that you are getting interference from ADSL broadband. Your panel may need rebooting. Give us a call if you have eliminated every other possibilty and we can arrange a service call

My NESS RK3, 3 Button Remote Control Not Working, I Have Changed The Battery

Its possible the battery you bought for it could be faulty, but take the new battery out again and push the little battery clamp back down and slide the battery back in. The problem we find most often is that this connection is a bit poor when you change the battery.

My system is monitored by Central Monitoring. What action do they take for an alarm activation?

Central Monitoring Services response is determined by the instructions you have provided, and in line with their current policy as at 21/06/2006. If you require any clarification of this policy, or to confirm its content please contact C.M.S on 1300655009.

What is Dialler Monitoring?

The majority of alarm panels manufactured today come with a built un dialler modem. This allows the alarm panel to not only trigger your on-site sirens and strobes, it also can send this alarm back to a Monitoring Centre.

In basic terms,if an alarm is activated (ie, sirens etc sound),the alarm panel will automatically call the Monitoring Centre and transmit data to the centre's computer. This imformation would discribe the type of alarm being triggered and from which premises it is occuring.

To do this your alarm must be connected to your Telephone line (pstn line). If your telephone line is not in good working order at the time the alarm is trying to contact the Monitoring Centre, the Monitoring Centre will not recieve the signal. Reasons that a signal would not get through include, but are not limited to, your phone line being disconnected, A.D.S.L Broadband interferrance. Dialler Monitoring should be considered as a low to moderate level of Back To Base Monitoring, and you should consult your insuarance company as to its adaquacy for your premises.

What is Securitel Monitoring?

Securitel is a high grade alarm transmission service.

The Securitel network is a dedicated network aimed at providing a high grade reliable alarm transmission service. Unlike Dialler, radio or mobile phone transmission services, Securitel does not suffer from network congestion, atmospheric or building based interference. The Securitel Network polls the Securitel Interface at the customers premises every 30 seconds to insure service integrity at no extra cost.

Securitel is currently one of the only available solutions to meet class 4 of AS2201.5-1992 Australian Standards.

In the event of an actual alarm, the alarm message is repeatedly transmitted by Securitel to the Monitoring Centre until it is acknowledged. The Securitel network is fully supported by a dedicated Telstra team for ongoing service activation and support.

There is a Securitel interface unit for most alarm panels available in the Austalian market, so your existing system could be upgraded to transmit via the Securitel network. For further details, see our products section under Securitel Systems.

What type of smoke detector do I need to install with new regulations?

If you read the state government site, its rather long winded. But essentially, any premises where a person sleeps needs to have smoke detectors under the new regs. The smoke sensor needs to be located in any passage way that leeds to bedrooms or a room where a person sleeps. If there is no passage or hall, then the smoke sensor should be located between the bedroom and the rest of the home/unit etc. There is a web address in our news section, Junes 2006, where you can check out all the details. We would recommend you get the facts from this web page.