28 Jan 2017

NESS 45 Years Manufacturing in Australia

Ness Corporation, one of the oldest electronic security manufacturers and distributors in Australia, celebrates 45 years in business in 2017.

Just as many successful companies have been launched in humble circumstances " Amazon, Apple, HP and Google were all birthed in family garages " Ness began life above the Circosta family fruit shop in Seven Hills.

The Ness 5000 alarm panel was the big breakthrough for brothers Naz and Larry Circosta. The 5000 used modern manufacturing methods, the latest technologies and clever design to create what became the benchmark in the domestic and small commercial alarm panel market.

Ness still manufactures security controllers and sensors at its Seven Hills HQ, and has expanded into automation within its own well-proven solutions and in its distributed ranges. The company is one of a handful of electronic security manufacturers in Australia with a full surface mount production line.

Ness has survived acquisition and management buyout, and its continued success underscores the truism that quick-stepping tech houses work best when their owners work in the business.

"When we first started 45 years ago, I couldn't have imagined we would still be manufacturing in Australia almost half a century down the track and employing nearly 200 people, said Ness Corp MD, Naz Circosta.

Not only are we still going strong in our traditional security market but Ness keeps growing and diversifying into new technologies and synergistic markets. I love this business and that's what keeps me young."