As sirens can activate as a result of a tamper fault whether the alarm is armed or not, it may be necessary to shut the system down. On most later model Ness panels (Approx. 1988 on), it is possible to put them into program mode. The same can be said for most other panels e.g E.D.M(Bosch)and D.A.S panels. The following instructions are for Ness panels, check further on our site for other panels , or call for assistance.The following procedure will render the alarm inoperable and the premises un-secure. You should consult your insurance policy or insurance provider should you have a need to shut your security system down. You will need to arrange service to rectify the problem urgently..

There are a number of different versions of Ness code pads, however enter the following instructions -

P = P, Prog or Program

E = E,End or /Enter


P -- Master code -- E (you'll hear three beeps)


P-- 000000 -- E (You'll hear three beeps)

The program light should be flashing at this pont. Call for service.