04 Apr 2013

NESS Surge Protector

      NESS have released a Power Surge Protector suitable for their alarm systems and most other brands.
  Telephone and Power Line Surge Suppressor is specially designed to assist protection of residential and commercial electronic security control equipment from damaging transients on the Power input line and the telephone line, and serves as the RJ-31/38X telephone connection block. The Ness-950 Surge suppressor is an RJ31/38X Telephone Jack containing solid state transient suppression designed to protect both the Telephone and Low Voltage AC Transformer inputs on virtually any alarm control. It responds to power surges and transients in less than 1 nanosecond, automatically restoring after each surge within the specified ratings. The Ness-950 Surge suppressor is compact and easy to install and features high quality, clearly labeled screw terminals, 8 pin modular phone connector, built-in tamper loop, and automatic shorting pins for cord removal. Superior Solid State Surge Suppression Rapid Response Time Protects Incoming Telephone Line Protects AC Input from Transformer Clamps Line-To-Line & Line-To-Ground Self-restoring After Surges Within Ratings RJ31/38X 8-Pin Modular Jacks Convenient Test points for Lineman's Test set Surface Mount Enclosure Screw Terminals Provided For Telco In-Out & AC Power Lifetime Limited Warranty Can you afford not to have one installed on your system?

22 Sep 2012

Do you have excessive phone accounts that your phone company is blaming on your alarm system?

We have again been promted to remind our clients of the need to keep a close eye on their phone accounts with regards alarm diallers that "run away". That is the alarm dialler calls the monitoring service on more occassions then it is programmed for. This generally occurs due to the advent of A.D.S.L broadband. The ADSL signal interferes with the data the alarm dialler is trying to transmit to your monitoring service and as a result can cause the dialler to try again and again to get the signal through. As monitoring service software does not usually identify multiple signals, the client should be checking to make sure all is in good order and regularly checking their alarm system back to base to ensure it is in good working order. If you find there is a problem, please contact us for service.

22 Sep 2012

The new Lux wireless sensor by NESS

NESS have released a new wireless passive infra red sensor with up to 15 metres range. We have just installed some this week.The new styling is quite atractive on the wall and it now has a blue walk test light, which is more pleasant then the old red light. The long life batteries that come wth sensor have a life of up to 10 years, which is much better then the old model. There is also a PET Aware version so you can secure your home and still have your pet inside*. (see size limits on specs).The other major feature is that it comes with a night light built in. So if your in the habit of wondering around your home at night the light will help you find your way, it comes on as you move into the sensors detetcion area. Very handy idea. For pricing go here: http://www.hdasecurity.com.au/products/view/ness-lux-wireless-passive-infra-red-sensor. Follow this link for the full brochure: http://nesscorporation.com/Brochure/Ness_LUX_radio_PIR_brochure(2).pdf . The new NESS Lux wireless sensor is suitable for all NESS wireless panels and receivers.

23 Jul 2012

A.S.I.A.L Mebership recognition

Hills District Alarms has attained Silver Membership status with the Australian Security Industry Association Limited in recognition of our long standing membership of the association.

23 Dec 2011

Happy Christmas

We would like to wish all  our customers a Happy Christmas and thankyou for all your support during 2011. We hope to hear from you all again in 2012. Our office will be closed from 30th of December  till the 13th of January. I will still be out working so give our office number a call if you need help and you will be diverted out to my mobile .

12 Nov 2011

The Importance Of Business Security Today

Business alarm systems are worthwhile now more than ever before,  in today’s day and age long term business investment in security is a absolute necessity. Many businesses are seeing the benefits of having such alarms and CCTV systems installed.

1. Peace of mind. With more crimes including break ins and thefts sweeping businesses than ever before, peace of mind is essential. It is not only your stock that you need to worry about being stolen or vandalised, but your staff too. Anyone on the business site needs to feel safe, this includes visitors and employees. With more emphasis nowadays on data protection, it is also vital that information about your employees are kept safe and secure, away from intruders of criminals. Business security systems can provide peace of mind at all times of the day to anyone at your premises. This applies in all different types of business, from large corporations to small business.

2. Lower insurances. With fewer chances to have your business broken into, your need to make insurance claims is less and  your insurance premiums can remain low. Many insurance companies now ask how well protected your business is, both physically (monitored alarm systems) and virtually (online fraud and hacking.) Investing in alarm systems will ensure your monthly premiums are lower, ensuring a healthier cash flow.

3. In any sense, the cost of a break in cannot be fully covered by insurance companies anyway. I often hear that an alarm system is only being installed to keep the insurance company happy, but there is a lot more trauma caused by a break and enter then an insurance payout can fix.  Not only is there the expense of clean up but replacing stock, but the expense of damages to property (broken windows, replacing doors and locks) and covering staff wages whilst the business is closed. What’s more, because you have to close the business and cease trading for several days (or weeks, or even months) you have the cost of not being open. Therefore, fitting alarm systems is worthwhile to the overall function and financial situation of your business. Many companies are simply unable to make ends meet when faced with the costs of a break in, and unfortunately have to stop trading completely.

To sum up, give serious thought to the type of security system you install, give H D A  a call if you are interested in a quotation on a new system or repairs and additions to an existing alarm system.

06 Nov 2011

NESS M1 with the NESS Navigator Touch Screen Code pad

NESS have recently launched the NESS Navigator series Touch Screen Code pad for their M1 series Security/ Automation system. The Navigator Touch Screen Code pad has been available for some time now for the NESS D8x and D16x series and has proven to be very reliable and very popular. The new NESS M1 Navigator Touch screen code pad now style with a great user interface.

05 Jul 2011

Central Monitoring Win Another Award

Central Monitoring Services have been looking after our customers Back To Base Monitoring for many years and this year they won the "Training Award" in the 2011 Australian Security Industry Awards For Excellence. Congratulations to C.M.S and their staff on their award.

16 Apr 2011

NESS Saturn Series Code Pad

NESS have released their new Saturn Series Code pad. An architectually designed codepad to complement the modern home decor. Check it out on our web site or call for more details. 

26 Dec 2010


Hills District Alarms would like to wish every one a Merry Christmas, and to all our clients , thankyou for all your support this past year.

During Christmas/ New Year our office hours have changes. Jenny will be in the 30th and 31st of December, then back to our normal office hours on 11th off January. If you have any Urgent Service requirements on your Security System, call the office number you will be diverted to the On Call Technician. Any other enquiries please call the office after the 11th of January. Edward will be away from January 5th till 27th.